Whenever I bake bread at home I find it very comforting and rewarding especially as it evokes such a wonderful memory and I remember the story behind my mum's homemade bread recipe. Every Sunday morning my mum would bake before we headed to church. Family recipes are important to some home cooks to hand down and pass on in their family, and some of the recipes may have been embellished slightly in order to make their own.

FoodFams Handed Down or Favourite Recipes and Stories
Handed down or favourite recipes and the stories behind each recipe

Favourite Recipes and Food Stories

However, not everyone has generational recipes to hand down. You may have a favourite recipe and the story about how and why that recipe became a family favourite. Listen to one home cook's food story about their French Onion Soup and why that recipe became a family favourite.

Hearing the story behind the recipe adds to making each recipe irreplaceable. I’d like to share one of my traditional
family recipes with you

However at the core of food stories, recipes and FoodFams is the adage 'Food is Love' Enjoy!

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